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Software Engineer, focused on Data Engineering and Data Science. Fullbright Grantee. I am an Open Source enthusiast, voracious reader and a dedicated professional.

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  • Modern software development practices: As a software engineer, I build software applying OOP and design patterns. I have worked using Agile practices (Scrum, Kanban, planning poker, etc) as well as more traditional methodologies.
  • Teamwork: I have been working in team environments since the begining of my degree and my professional career. I know how to express ideas and disagreements in a constructive way.
  • Bussiness understanding: I have a solid grasp on the business side of the software development process, and I can understand the business requirements of any project. I also possess knowledge about finance and accounting.
  • ETL - Data Pipelines: I can extract and transform data using Pandas, SQL, and Bash, then load it to S3 buckets, SQL databases, MongoDB and DynamoDB. I have experience in maintaining Linux instances, daemonizing processes and scheduling jobs.
  • Machine Learning models: I can choose the right models for any particular situation, and then build and train models using Python, Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, and Pandas.
  • Model deployment and interfacing: I have deployed trained models into Linux Servers and Serverless functions such as AWS Lambda, manage them and create REST APIs to interact with them in both Node.js and Django. To disponibilize them, I use AWS API Gateway and both traditional Apache web servers.
  • Maths and Statistics: I know how to perform statistical analyisis over data, detect outliers, correlations and create traditional matematical models
  • Backend: I design, create and maintain databases, APIs and microservices in traditional environments such as Linux servers as well as using AWS for the same purpose.
  • Frontend Given a design, I can build a responsive website using React/NextJs and deploy it through Nginx or build it statically to be deployed in S3 or Apache.
  • CICD I have experience automating infraestructure and software deployment to AWS through the Serverless Framework, Gitlab CI/CD and CircleCI.

Work experience

Some of the things I have done lately both in professional and academical settings.

Software Engineer

July 2021 - Present

Synics AG - Zurich, Switzerland

  • Software requirements elicitation through interviews and prototyping
  • Designed and developed desktop and web applications used by train companies all over Europe to handle safety behaviour and analysis of train activity data using Python, NodeJs and C++, using wx, and qt for desktop applications
  • Developed software for event triggered real time communication for trains with reaction reestrictions of 20 miliseconds, using C and Python, to run in Linux devices
  • Updated and maintained of company infrastructure applications: Openproject, NextCloud, Webpage, Matrix, and SVN, and their respective Linux virtual machines hosting them.
  • Designed and developed testing software that automates testing for hardware equipment, improving testing time from 30 minutes to 10, using Python, communicating with serial, CANOpen, TRDP and requiring multithreading for simultaneous handling of many hardware devices.
  • Machine Learning Intern Researcher

    March 2021 - December 2021

    Universidad Tecnologica Nacional - Resistencia, Argentina (Remote)

  • Worked on the development of a metric through polynomic regression to choose an imputation method to apply amputated data using KNN and KMeans methods.
  • FullStack Developer

    January 2021 - June 2021

    Circulo Digital - Resistencia, Argentina (Remote)

  • Developed a service capable of processing newsletter registration data, using NodeJs, Passport and MongoDB, running on Linux servers.
  • Developed a web application for managing newsletters, using NextJs (React)
  • Education

    Information System's Engineering

    March 2017 - March 2022

    Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Argentina

    5 year degree, oriented on both software development and management of software development projects. Took electives on data engineering, data science and software security

    Exchange Program - Friends of Fulbright

    January 2020 - March 2020

    University of New Mexico, U.S.A

    Through a Fulbright scholarship, I took university courses on Artificial Intelligence and Complex Adaptive Systems.


    My latest posts and articles

    I love to share some tidbits, details and techniques of certain projects. In this way, I intend to shed some light on how they were done and help others doing similar stuff.


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